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Welcome to GreenAnoles.com!

This is a hobby site built by your everyday reptile enthusiast.

The goal of it is educate new and prospective green anole owners. These reptiles get a bad rep because they’re poorly raised.

Since they’re so easily affordable, they’ve become a “novelty” pet- where the owner either doesn’t invest the right time to learn about how to properly care for it OR they lose interest.

The green anole guides on this website are made to EDUCATE!

I hope you get a ton of value from these articles and give your green anole the proper care that it deserves.

If you have ANY questions about anole care, please get in touch with me.

UPDATE: Site will be releasing a FORUM soon!

Quickly find the right care guide for your green anole using the following categories:

General Care

Learn about green anole shedding.

Green Anole Shedding (What to Know)

Learn about why your green anole is shedding and what to do to help it. Everything you need to know in one complete guide.

Should you get a green anole pet?

Should You Get A Green Anole? (Pros and Cons)

Wondering if a green anole is right for you? See the pros and cons of green anoles compared to geckos, snakes, or other lizards.

How to hatch green anole eggs

How to Hatch Green Anole Eggs (Complete Guide)

Confused about how to hatch green anole eggs? Don’t know how to take care of green anole babies? Find out everything you need to know in this guide.

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Green anoles toxic.

Are Green Anoles Poisonous? (Salmonella Scares)

Curious about pathogens that your green anole can transmit? Find out everything you need to know.

See if green anoles good for beginners.

Are Green Anoles Good for Beginners?

Wondering if green anoles are the right pet for you? Find out if they’re good for beginners and their difficulty of care.

Male vs. female green anoles.

Male vs. Female Green Anole (How to Tell the Difference)

Confused if you have a male or female green anole? Learn how to tell whether you have a male or female lizard.

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How big do green anoles get? Green anole size.

How Big Do Green Anoles Get? (Green Anole Size)

Wondering how big your green anole will get? Find out the average green anole sizes for males and females and the variables that influence how big or small they get.

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Do green anoles need water?

Do Green Anoles Drink Water? (What You Need to Know)

Wondering if your green anole needs a water bowl or not? Find out everything you need to know in this care sheet.

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Why is my green anole not eating

Why Is My Green Anole Not Eating?

Is your green anole not eating? Find out why and how to make it eat.

What do green anoles eat in nature?

What Do Green Anoles Eat in the Wild? (Wild Anole Diet)

Caught a wild green anole? Wonder what bugs to feed it? Or how to take care of a wild caught anole? Learn everything you need to know about the wild anole diet.

What to feed baby green anole.

What Do Baby Anoles Eat? (Complete Guide)

Got a baby green anole? Not sure what to feed it? Find out everything you need to know in one complete guide.

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What Kind of Bedding Do Green Anoles Need?

Not sure about what’s the best substrate for your green anole? Get a complete rundown of the pros and cons of each reptile bedding in this guide so you can choose the right bedding for your lizard.

What can you house with green anoles.

What Can Live With Green Anoles? (Tank Compatibility)

Want to add more reptiles to your green anole’s enclosure? Consider these points before you do so. Learn what reptiles can live with anoles.

Green anole looking into the distance.

Green Anole Tank Setup (Habitat Map)

Learn about the basics for your green anole’s tank setup and build a habitat map. Everything you need to know in one care guide.



Green anole color change meanings.

What Do Green Anole Colors Mean? (Body Language)

Wondering about the different color meanings of your green anole? Find out what your lizard is trying to say when it turns brown, black, white, yellow, or even orange!

Why does my green anole like me?

Why Does My Green Anole Lick Me?

Wondering why your green anole licks you? Could it be showing affection? Or just tasting you? Find out the reason behind lizard licking.

Why green anoles are good climbers

Are Green Anoles Good Climbers? (How They Climb)

Wondering why your green anole is such a good climber? Learn about how they get their ability to scale surfaces so quickly.

Do green anoles hibernate brumate

Do Green Anoles Hibernate?

Wondering if your pet anole hibernates over the winter? Or if it goes dormant? Find out about their behavior during this time.

Why do green anoles show dewlap

Why Do Anoles Show their Dewlaps? (Throat Fan)

Curious about why your green anole keeps flaring its dewlap? Find out what it means when your lizards shows it off.

Do green anoles sleep at night?

Do Green Anoles Sleep at Night? (Lizard Sleep 101: The Basics)

Wondering when your green anole sleep, where it sleeps, and how much sleep it needs? Learn about everything you could ever want to know about sleeping habits now.

How to handle green anole lizards.

Do Green Anoles Like to Be Held? (How to Tame Your Anole)

Learn how to handle your green anole the right way. Covers the taming process with tips and tricks.



List of green anole supplies.

Green Anole Supplies List (Budget Friendly)

Complete shopping checklist for green anole supplies. Covers everything you need to know for a proper tank setup for your lizard.