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About GreenAnoles.com

GreenAnoles.com aims to provide anole beginners and enthusiasts with a database of information and care guides for green anoles.

These tiny lizards are often sold in pet stores for dirt cheap (often for around $6-7 in the US), which makes them easy to buy without thinking about it.

They’re cheap and don’t require a whole lot for their habitat, which makes many people buy them as a quick solution for their crying kid who wants a new pet.

This makes them sold quickly, but cared for poorly.

But most people who buy them are completely new to the reptile hobby, which leads to a high rate of improper and poor conditions for these reptiles.

We want to stop this by providing a resource that covers everything you need to know in one place- from habitat to behavior to feeding. In plain English.

Who wouldn’t appreciate that?

After all, you’re probably worried about why your anole’s not eating. Or why it’s always hiding. There’s no time to waste.

We’re not veterninarians or claim to be experts- we’re just everyday folk who happen to also be fans of the anole!

We run this site as volunteers to help out beginners to the hobby with advice, suggestions, and other tips and tricks to properly care for your new reptile. People who have been keeping anoles for some time may also find some new info here on our site.

If you have any questions about caring for your anole, feel free to get in touch with us.

We’re also always looking for new members to contribute to our site- whether you’re looking to answer questions from new owners or write care guides for our readers. Contact us and join our publishing team to make an impact to green anole owners all around the world.

Regardless, we hope you find our database of guides helpful. Enjoy your anole.

These fascinating lizards are more than just a cheap reptile at the pet store. There’s a whole world beyond that’s fully in your control.